First Fishers Lines

This first blog will be credited to my wife Louise as my "ghost writer" for the first ever Fishers Lines.
This is due to the fact as this is written, I am many miles away teaching ink and soft pastel at the Old House, Torside, Derbyshire.

Louise has had many years experience travelling the country with me, helping out on art holidays and demonstrations and over the years becoming my invaluable assistant.
Everything apart from the painting is now sorted in her capable hands, from accounts, website updates and designing, to taking phone calls…. the list is endless. She calls herself the "Artist carer !!" and at times when I cannot locate a vital piece of equipment she can find it, even over the phone when she`s not at home.

Another important part of life here at Frisby on the Wreake is our Parson Jack Russell ( with a hint of Beagle) Freyja, named after our love of the Vikings series. Freyja contributes to the Fisher art world by writing a doggy blog called Freyjas Tails on my other website, it creates a talking point but we have yet to convince the accountant that she should be on the payroll with Louise !

We hope you will enjoy over the coming months my blogs about art and life in general.

(for this month only AKA Louise)

louise and tim fisher
Fishers Lines