Multi tasking artist..

Hello and apologies for the delay in writing a new blog…

Time during lockdowns seems to have just evaporated and all the plans I had made seem to have gone astray!

It seemed the ideal opportunity to get tasks done that had been on my agenda for several years, however this did not happen

My wife Louise is convinced that an artistic brain is like a butterfly, fluttering from one thing to another.
The very kind husbandly gesture of "would you like a cup of tea" rapidly turns wrong, as a cup of brown, stewed tea is presented to Louise, who is a very light Earl Grey lady !
This is due to the fact that whilst tea making is in action my mind flits to something else in the garage or studio and before you know it 30 minutes have magically disappeared.

I have been doing a myriad of things since my last blog, the easiest way is to condense them to a list for you….

Written a new six month series for the Leisure Painter on painting with palette knives and written a test report for the Frazer-Price palette.

Tutored for two days at the Broadway Arts Festival in June, great venue.

A solo exhibition at the Patchings Art Centre, in July and August.

Three caravan trips in between lockdowns.

Renewing some fencing at home and down at the field.

Growing fruit and vegetables both in our front garden potager and at our field just outside the village.

Collecting reference material and collating ideas for my fourth book for Search Press.

Filming a short art video promoting the release of my republished, revitalised edition of the Perspective book.
This proved fun, competing inside with a lively Freyja, who reacts very noisily to the doorbell and scratches and digs in her bed…just as filming commences. The outdoor filming in the village proved fun too, a mixture of trains passing by and lawnmowers and car repair technicians, working in just the spot you had decided to film from.

Multi tasking seems to have been order of the day over the past few months and I am thoroughly looking forward to returning to the White House near Burnham Market on the 5 September. This will be my third visit as a tutor for Big Sky Art courses. Set in glorious rolling North Norfolk farmland. Close to my favourite painting locations of Brancaster Staithe, Burnham Overy Staithe and Wells next the Sea. Its a fabulous area to teach art and sharing my rapid sketching techniques and water colour painting.

Big bonus for Louise… she doesn't have me making the tea !!

Bye for now,


Fishers Lines