Virtual art during lockdown ... and other things


The last few weeks have been some of the most unusual in living history, as the virus took hold, many things we take for granted altered and changed.

Visiting art groups for demonstrations and workshops usually fills my working year from March to June and September to November. This year from early March this all changed, demos and workshops have been postponed and many wonder how things will alter once life gets back to some normality.
Many venues are small and accommodating social distancing will be hard, people may well be uncertain about socialising and more focussed on their well being.

Art groups have started to become inventive and asking me to hold demos via Zoom ( must ask the kids to set me up for this !)
The Patchings Festival now been postponed to 2021 will hold a virtual 2020 Festival on the 9 and 10 July. Here you can see my video demonstrations, visit other artists working, enter competitions and even visit a virtual café !!

The weeks during lockdown have seen the Fisher household sort all the jobs that have been lurking over the years. Louise has almost completely decorated the house, I am not allowed to wield my paintbrush in this department, she says I make too much mess !!!
Our field just outside the village has seen some major changes, I have been fencing and have built a poly tunnel which is now growing vegetables for home. We have had fun with the wildlife, the day after planting runner bean plants discovering 30% have been nibbled off by the rabbits. Note to self next year put a wire fence around straight AFTER planting.
Mr Mole decides to tunnel underneath the newly laid brick path in the poly tunnel causing a collapse.

Our house fuel supply changed to gas a couple of years ago and the oil tank has stood unused at the side of the house. Louise sourced a company to empty, clean, decommission and cut up the tank. We now have an ideal space to build a small shed, recycling palettes will result in a bespoke structure..hopefully.

I will be tutoring a LIVE free 45 minute ZOOM tutorial on Tuesday 30th June @ 2.30 in association with

Other news is that I have been commissioned for a new series on palette knife painting for the Leisure Painter magazine for 2021

Keep safe and I hope to catch up in person soon …. or in the virtual world.

Fishers Lines