Fisher400 Art Paper **** There is currently a supply issue for Jacksons Art Supplies ****

FISHER400 Art Paper Properties
  • 360gsm pH7 (neutral) backing paper
  • Surface designed by an artist for artists and is popular with professional artists worldwide
  • Electro statically coated for perfect grit spacing
  • Will hold more pastel than any other paper
  • Superior multi layering of pastel
  • PH 7 waterproof glue
  • Suitable for application of inks and acrylic washes or acrylic spray paints
  • Create an ink under painting and soft pastel over the dry image
  • Pale buff light-fast surface can be tinted
  • Reduced dusting when working
  • Highly durable paper means less buckling when wet
  • Ageing tests saw no change in pH
  • Ideal for soft pastel, oil pastel, mixed media, acrylics and coloured pencil
  • Worldwide sales
  • Now distributed by ProArt Panels from the U.S.
  • U.K. orders from Jacksons Art Supplies

Tims top tips for using FISHER400 Art Paper
  • Blending ~ make sure there is ample pastel applied to the surface prior to blending, to avoid sore fingers. A good alternative is a shaped wine cork, or cut and shape a cork floor tile.
  • Tim Fisher Pastel Liquifier ~ this is applied to a surface loaded with pastel, apply the liquifier. The pigment mixes like a watercolour, sinks into the surface, dries and then you can pastel further layers. Ideal for flower under paintings.
  • Oil Pastel ~ Fisher400 takes this extremely well. It can be used as a resist, over which acrylics and layers of soft pastel can be applied. (Probably the only paper with these properties) Another method is to soften initial layers of oil pastel with solvent to push them into the base of the paper. Extra multiple layers of oil pastel can then be applied.
  • Working position ~ always try to work near to vertical, even if sitting to keep clean to avoid dust build up on your painting.
  • Fixing ~ Fix your soft pastel artwork with a good quality fixative, I use Sennelier Latour, hairspray is not recommended.
  • Skies ~ Stunning skies can be painted by wetting the applied soft pastel on the Fisher400 with an old brush and water.
  • Colour tinting the Fisher400 ~ due to its unique properties, having waterproof glue and heavyweight backing paper, you can apply acrylic inks and acrylic spray paints.
  • Mixed Media ~ one of the unique properties of Fisher400 is that a variety of mediums can be applied during the painting process.
  • Black ink sketching ~ use a long matchstick, strike first, then wipe end, it will naturally keep a sharp point on the Fisher400 surface.

FISHER400 Art Paper Ordering Information for UK ~ **there is currently a delay in stock arriving in the UK**
FISHER400 Art Paper Ordering Information for Overseas

Lakeland Farm ~ Ink and Soft Pastel on Fisher400 art paper


Poppy Parade ~ Tim Fisher Liquifier and Soft Pastel on Fisher400 art paper

Fisher400 developed by Tim Fisher